Monday, November 14, 2011

10 secrets of success

Over the years research has revealed that most successful people have 10 traits in common .these 10 traits together help successful people meet their goals and turn their dreams into reality .how many of these secrets of success do you practice.

1. How you think is Everything:
           Remember to "think positive"at every oppurtunity visualise success . Not failure . Avoid Negative environments and people .You are what you think in fact. a study shows that positive thinking actually increases longevity .

2. Decide on your dreams and goals: 
               Be specific about your goals For example say im taking music class sometimes create a plan to reach your goals and stick to it 

3. Take Action:
              Goals alone have no earning .you need to take action to make them real don't let fear hold you back "just do it "

4. Never stop Learning:

              take classes go back to school read books join a discussion group .If you are interested in a subject ,make time to learn about it. keep acquiring new skills.

5. Be Persistance and work hard:

           you've probably heard the expression "success is a marathon not a sprint " keep your eye on the goal and keep working towards it Don't give up.

6. Learn to Analyse Details:
             get all the facts and as for input this will help you make cruiser decisions acknowledge your mistakes but do not beat yourself up. Learn from mistakes.

7. Focus your time and Money:

            when you belive in something put your attention and energy there. Don't let others disract you.

8..Don't afraid do innovate: Be Different.

           Be True to yourself and have your own ideas .following the crowd is a path Mediocrity.

9.  Communicate with people effectively.

          Remember that no person is an island communicate your thoughts and Desires honestly with you practise  understanding and motivating other people .

10.Be honest and Dependable:
            Take resposiblity for what you do . Never cheat or lie .when you make a promise keep it when you screw up.Admit it . without honesty Dependablity and Responsblity, the other nine secrets of success don't add up to much .
Follow this steps simply.we wishes you get all success un your life see you at the Top - Thannambikai Vendum team 

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